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Why We Started

"I wanted to bring together the things I love; to learn new skills and bring creative ideas to life, whilst helping others to achieve their goals and create a feeling of happiness, accomplishment and success."

Victoria Kennedy, Founder

We're a design-led stationery brand with an ambition to inspire paper lovers everywhere through beautiful creativity, meaningful ideas and a heartwarming experience.


Before Sitori...

Victoria always knew she wanted to create something herself, though wasn’t always certain what, so she followed the path of university and graduated with a 1st degree in Business Studies. Victoria embarked on a successful career spending over 10 years in the corporate world working for both small and large organisations and operating across many areas of business from marketing and sales to operations and general management. Her hard work and success earned her the opportunity to cross the pond to America and study at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

A change of direction

In 2018, Victoria’s father was diagnosed with Dementia and so she took the decision to leave the corporate world behind and move back home to care for her Dad.  Determined to help her father lead a positive and fulfilled life with Dementia, she combined her love of stationery with her business knowledge and in October 2020 proudly created Little Moments, stationery designed specifically for family and friends living life with Dementia.


A love of stationery

Her love of design and all things stationery continued to shine and she discovered a true happiness in creating products that had real meaning. It seemed now could be the time to give a new start up business a shot, and so she combined her name with her partners name, Simon, turned her spare room into a mini studio and as easy as that Sitori was born.

The investment
journey begins

With a deep-rooted love of brands and an ambition to grow Sitori into a lifestyle business, Victoria set about seeking investment and in April 2021 secured our first round of funding allowing us to take the next step on the Sitori journey and begin working with some fantastic UK manufacturers.

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Through to the finals!

In June 2021, before Sitori had even reached its first birthday, Victoria made it through to the finals of The Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

Supporting Others

Giving back is something that is, and will always be a key part of Sitori. So we’re over the moon to join forces with Alzheimer’s Society and St Ann’s Hospice, donating a proportion of our Little Moments sales to these wonderful charities.

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New Collections!

After months of planning, testing, designing and creating, we are proud to launch a whole range of new products throughout 21/22 including our new and improved 'Little Moments' collection and our brand new ‘Plan Beautiful’ 2022 Planners!

Let the adventure continue!

We're only at the beginning of our story,

thank you so much for all your support so far!