Plan Beautiful 2022

Plan Beautiful 2022


The Plan Beautiful 2022 planner is designed to help you create balance, slow down a little and focus on what’s important to you.

  • Our new Plan Beautiful collection combines organisation and aesthetics. We have created a planner that is flexible enough for you to take control of your day in a way that works best for you, whilst equally it’s visually beautiful, blending modern design with a hint of traditional elements.


    What you'll find inside:

    • A thoughtfully designed layout helping you to plan your days in style

    We use a classic, clean layout allowing you to add your own personality to your planner.

    • A full year of daily planning pages for 2022

    Day-per-page layout including block scheduling, lifestyle categories, notes and priorities.

    • Weekly planning pages

    Lifestyle categories allowing you to identify the areas of your life which matter most such as family, career, mental health, fitness or something else.

    • Annual planning pages

    Step back and take an overall glance at the year ahead.

    • Password reminders

    Hands up if you have a million and one passwords to remember? Keep a record of them in this dedicated section, but remember to keep it safe!

    • Notes pages

    There’s plenty of space to jot down everything and anything that’s going on.