Little Moments Journal

Little Moments Journal


The Little Moments Journal will be your trusty companion when caring for a loved one living life with Dementia. This beautiful Journal will help you to plan your day-to-day and monitor all the important aspects of life with Dementia.

  • The Little Moments Journal is designed to bring a little structure and organisation to your day, supporting you and your loved one on your Dementia journey. The Journal includes lots of handy features such as daily reminders for mediation, prompts to do some body and brain exercises as well as monitoring important things like mood, sleeping habits, hydration and nutrition.


    We understand it can be difficult to stay motivated and remember everything that’s going on, so use the Journal to gain back a little control. With its simple design it only takes a few minutes each day to complete and the undated pages means you can start the Journal on any day you like.


    With every purchase made of our Little Moments stationery, we donate to Alzheimer’s Society and St Ann’s Hospice, so not only will you have a lovely product to cherish but you will be helping others too. To learn more about our partnerships with these charities, click here.


    What you'll find inside:

    • A stylish yet simple design

    We use simple fonts and soft, calming colour palettes making it easy and relaxing to view.

    • A thoughtfully designed layout

    There are wide lines for writing on, plenty of space to jot things down and helpful prompts and examples to get you going.

    • Personal details and contacts pages

    Keep a record of your important contact information so it’s quick to hand should you need it.

    • 6 months of daily journal pages

    You can track your daily activities, sleeping habits, moods and nutrition to monitor any changes.

    • Capture the ‘Little Moments’

    There’s space each day to reflect on what you have enjoyed and are grateful for.

    • Space for appointment times

    Relax your mind without having to try to remember everything!

    • Space to note any visitors

    Friends, family, neighbours, carers - your social network is really important and can be a great support, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    • Daily checklists

    A quick reminder each day to take any medications, monitor personal care and reminders to exercise the body and brain.

    • Daily ratings

    Reflect on your loved ones physical and mental wellbeing each day to help track any changes.

    • Wellness Tracker

    Use these pages to help create a clear picture of the good streaks and the not so great periods.

    • Noticeable Changes pages

    It’s hard to keep tabs on when changes occurred so use these pages to joy down any details that may be useful to remember.

    • Inspirational quotes

    Feel some positivity and encouragement especially on those tough days.

    • Notes pages

    There are plenty of pages to jot down everything and anything that’s running around in your mind.