Little Moments Tracker

Little Moments Tracker


The Little Moments Tracker helps you to keep all the important information together and in one place whilst caring for a loved one living life with Dementia. This beautiful Tracker will help you stay organised and make it easy to find important details when you need them most.

  • With so much going on and lots to think about, keeping track of everything can be difficult and we understand it’s easy to forget a friends phone number or what the doctor discussed with us a few weeks earlier. Here’s where the Little Moments Tracker can help. It’s our go to place for all our important information for our loved one.


    The Tracker includes helpful sections to note down things like your professionals contact details, as well as space to record medications and details of doctor’s appointments or admissions. At a time that can be chaotic and confusing, the Tracker can help you to stay organised and provide a great reference tool to look back on. 


    With every purchase made of our Little Moments stationery, we donate to Alzheimer’s Society and St Ann’s Hospice, so not only will you have a lovely product to cherish but you will be helping others too. To learn more about our partnerships with these charities, click here.


    What you'll find inside:

    • A stylish yet simple design

    We use simple fonts and soft, calming colour palettes making it easy and relaxing to view.

    • A thoughtfully designed layout

    There are wide lines for writing on, plenty of space to jot things down and helpful prompts and examples to get you going.

    • Personal details

    Keep a record of your important contact information so it’s quick to hand should you need it.

    • Support Network

    Make a note of emergency contacts as well as family, friends, neighbours and anyone else who may help out from time to time.

    • Professionals

    Jot down the details of all your loved ones doctors, nurses, carers and social workers in case you need their information in the future.

    • Medication

    We know medication may need to change over time, so keep a log of what your loved one has had and when.

    • Health

    Track blood pressure, pulse and weight helping you to stay aware of any changes.

    • Appointments

    Relax your mind without having to try and remember everything!

    • Admissions

    Keep a record of time spent in hospital, care home or maybe a break away at a respite centre.